About Jutta

Philosophy of care

A whole systems approach to life speaks to me and informs my professional approach to wellness.  This includes the more subtle nature of what creates individual health within the context of the greater community and planet.  It’s clear to me that vibrant health is multifaceted, not just the absence of injury or disease.  I have been privileged to partner with patients and their families for over two decades.  I have treasured these relationships.  Every client encounter is unique and solving the puzzle is always collaborative, exploratory and just plain fun! Treatment programs should reflect these qualities.  When a client understands their specific injury it decreases anxiety surrounding pain putting the client in control.  This creates the best partnership for healing. 


Practitioner’s historical path

My interest in wellness began experientially, as an athlete, via the joy and beauty of motion.  I had an overwhelming curiosity to learn the factors that go into creating optimal performance.  This led to a BS in Exercise Science.  I enjoyed working as a personal trainer, tailoring individualized exercise programs for those seeking higher sport performance levels as well as those recovering from injury.  Wanting to help clients in much greater depth and breadth, I sought a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy.  This helped me understand the intricacies of how variables such as maturity, acute and chronic disease, and surgical interventions impact human health.  It allowed me to diagnose and treat clients with health-related conditions that limit one’s ability to move and function in daily life.  It’s truly a profession I am passionate about, with endless learning possibilities and approaches.

I have worked in many settings such as rehabilitation in skilled nursing, home health, and outpatient physical therapy.  These experiences left me with a desire to create a more healing and nurturing environment; one that embodied the values of service, inter-relationship, community, and environmental respect.  My spouse, Deb, and I opened our own outpatient private practice clinic, Central Physical Therapy & Fitness.  We slowly grew to include other gifted and giving practitioners, cementing our place as a thriving and unique fixture on Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.  This was a very gratifying and productive time. However, after 17 years, within a rapidly consolidating and increasingly complex medical/insurance system, it became clear, this was no longer sustainable. 

Wanting to preserve our health and sanity led us to Port Townsend, a community that more closely reflects our personal values.  I have never wavered from my love and commitment to this profession and the clients I serve.  Every day we begin again.  With gratitude, I begin again, as a solo practitioner, doing what I love most, at the Sanctuary for the Physical Arts.

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