At Sanctuary for the Physical Arts, diagnosis of your neck problem begins with a thorough history of your condition and the involved car accident. We may first ask you to fill out a questionnaire describing your neck problem. Your Physical Therapist will then ask you questions to find out when you first started having problems, what makes your symptoms better or worse, and how the symptoms affect your daily activity. The information that you provide us with will help guide the physical examination.

Your Physical Therapist will then physically examine the muscles and joints of your neck. It is important for us to see how your neck is aligned, how it moves, and exactly where it hurts.

We may do some simple tests to check the function of the nerves. These tests measure your arm and hand strength, check your reflexes, and help determine whether you have numbness in your arms, hands, or fingers.

Some patients may be referred to other healthcare providers, such as a doctor or chiropractor, for further diagnosis and treatment. Once your diagnostic examination is complete, the Physical Therapists at Sanctuary for the Physical Arts have treatment options that will help speed your recovery, so that you can more quickly return to your active lifestyle.

Sanctuary for the Physical Arts provides services for Physical Therapy in Port Townsend.

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