Car Accident and Whiplash Recovery

Car accident and whiplash recovery is best accomplished by providing key information to support early injury recovery!  This is an area I specialize in, bringing 25 years of experience to promote a safe, logical, and progressive care plan. I can work in concert with your physician and other care providers to ensure the best outcome for you.  Treatment plans always include calming down acutely injured tissues, providing instruction on how to position in bed or a chair to reduce headaches, concussion syndrome symptoms, and to minimize further stress on injured sites.  Unfortunately, many people with this injury wind up with prolonged healing times due to an overly aggressive start to treatment and/or a lack of critical information that supports early injury recovery.  Specific ideas to modify painful activities of daily living and work also assist in the critical “relative-rest” that is needed for a full and speedy recovery.  Providing highly specific instruction in the effective application of modalities such as cold, heat, taping or bracing can also greatly support early recovery, allowing us to eventually progress into gentle therapeutic exercises for a full return to life’s activities and pleasures. 

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