Injury Treatment & Prevention

Injury treatment and prevention programs consist of a thorough evaluation to properly identify injured tissue, then diagnose and properly treat the injury.  This involves looking at how you move globally, then more specifically at the injury site.  When a client understands their specific injury it decreases anxiety surrounding pain, putting the client in control.  This creates the best partnership for healing.  Treatment may consist of soft tissue work, manual therapies to help restore joint position, and kinesiotaping, as needed, to temporarily hold restored joint position until the body can do it independently.  Treatment always includes very specific therapeutic exercise or activity prescription to retrain the body’s ability to move without pain and speed recovery.  An understanding of what your core is and how to appropriately access that core is essential.  Treatment can include the use of adaptive tools, when necessary, exercise to strengthen weakened areas and stretching to allow for unrestricted motion.  Movement instruction is always based on sound body mechanics as this helps prevent further recurrence of injury.  I also include cross training suggestions to improve overall performance and function for long term health.

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